Esther Davis, Floral Artist
27 W. Clay Street, Salem, VA 24153

Below is a synopsis of presentations given by Esther Davis.

“A Fresh Look at Flower Drying and Dried Flower Arranging”

All of us, at one time or another, have probably discovered a flower in our garden that is so exquisite we wished we had a way to keep it just like that. Or perhaps we have just completed a flower arrangement that is so stunning, we wished we had a way to prolong its life. Esther Davis can show you how you can make both of these scenarios come true. No longer will extending the life of fresh flowers be just a wish. Esther can show you how it can become a reality by using drying agents like silica gel and sand.

Speaking with enthusiasm and humor, Esther begins by telling how, as a child, she dried a rose from her mother’s garden following instructions in an article in the National Geographic magazine and then explains, in simple terms, the science behind why and how drying agents work to dry flowers. The knowledge she has of these process enables her to break them down so audiences leave with an understanding of drying agents they have never and an ability to give almost any dried flower a fresh look.

In addition to stepping out the drying process, Esther summarizes other critical steps essential to extending the life of a dried flower including cleaning, applying a sealer, and proper storage for flowers to be used at a later date. She concludes her presentation by demonstrating special assembly techniques she uses to incorporate flowers into finished pieces be they simple framed designs featuring one dogwood blossom or an elaborate mass arrangement displaying a variety of flowers.

Esther, drawing on 14 years of experience of working with “all things dried”, is able to bring to audiences an understanding of this process as they have never had before. Whether she does her presentation for garden clubs, garden shows or state organizations’ conferences, she always leaves her audiences entertained, inspired and informed and eager to go home and dry something, knowing that drying successes can be theirs to enjoy!
Approximately 1 to 1½ hours. Can be tailored to fit individual schedules.


If you want quickly assemble a dried arrangement for your living room, don’t make a trip to the craft store – simply look under your magnolia tree. Don’t have a magnolia tree? Go through the branches and vines you put in a pile to be tossed, or snip off the seed heads that populate your garden after more colorful blooms have died back. If ever there was a presentation in how to turn trash into treasure, this is it.

Mother Nature provides us with an abundance of materials to work with. Too often, we just don’t realize it. Esther Davis, drawing from her background in art, shows you how to recognize the decorative potential in materials in ways you never imagined, and how, by employing some thought and creativity, items as simple as dried leaves can be fashioned into striking topiaries, hangings for your wall or arrangements for your dining room table. Whether your decorative tastes are traditional, contemporary, muted or colorful, you will learn how to utilize and manipulate available materials, artistically transforming them into something to complement any of these. .Approximately 1 hour.

“Don’t Toss that Bouquet!”

Because of Esther’s expertise in flower drying, bridal bouquet preservation has become an integral part of her business. Florists, aware of the outstanding quality of Esther’s work and attention to detail, eagerly recommend her services to any bride wishing to have her bouquet dried after the wedding. In this presentation, Esther shows audiences how, one step at a time, she dries the flowers from a bouquet and then shows, by application of some clever mechanics, the bouquet is reassembled to look just as it did in it’s fresh state. Also included in this presentation are how to methods for displaying dried bouquet and wedding flowers, such as in shadowboxes and wreaths. A popular presentation for bridal shows and members of the floral industry, this presentation takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.